Transforming experience

Katelyst has the intent of bringing radical change to the video games industry. Our purpose is to manifest architectural innovation in the games industry by cultivating projects, processes, and environments together with developers and players. Katelyst intends to solve the problems of one-dimensional innovation, crunch culture, and predatory monetization in the industry. While offering an affordable escape to a diverse range of transformative experiences to customers.

A next generation of digital entertainment development

We nourish the next generation that develops digital entertainment solutions

Value for everyone

Together with creators and customers, Katelyst intends to manifest new, inspiring and transformative forms of entertainment. 

Innovate everywhere

We cultivate organizational, structural, and process-oriented innovation, aiming to increase employee health, social well being, job satisfaction, and the quality of the products they work on


Katelyst incubates student teams that aspire to commercialize their game projects and intend to start their own games studio

Values first mentality

To ensure katelyst can contribute to the future of digital entertainment, we intend to maintain long-term relationships with our customers and creators. This relationship must be built on transparent communication, creative and artistic collaboration, diversity, and the protection of privacy. Together with creators and customers, katelyst intends to manifest new, inspiring and transformative forms of entertainment.


Registered at Chamber of commerce: 76305597