Katelyst games studio

Katelyst is a For-Profit organization founded on the 9th of November 2019, with the intent of bringing radical change to the video games industry. Our purpose is to manifest architectural innovation in the games industry by cultivating projects, processes, and environments together with developers and players. Katelyst intends to solve the problems of one-dimensional innovation, crunch culture, and predatory monetization in the industry. While offering an affordable escape to a diverse range of transformative experiences to customers. Katelyst plans to locate itself in Breda, where the presence of BUas, and Breda Game City, have produced a landscape well suited to our business case.

Our values

Freedom and safety to fail

We value the freedom to experiment and allow ourselves to fail.

Experience is everything

Together with creators and customers, Katelyst intends to manifest new, inspiring and transformative forms of entertainment. 

Creating value for everyone

In pursuit of achieving our artistic and technological aims, Katelyst intends to become the best place to work for a diverse range of talented creators, and therefore invests a great deal of effort into employee well-being and compensation

Diversity in projects, processes, and people

By cultivating innovative environments, processes, and projects together with creators and players, Katelyst intends to offer customers an escape to a diverse range of transformative experiences.

Laura van Schaijk


Matthijs Dijkman


Jochem Beltman

Technical Officer