Our games


Stalker (working title)

Find out who is keeping an eye on you, sending nasty messages and mail in this point-and-click horror adventure game.


Til Nord (University Project)

Discover a sublime open world on your snowmobile! Drive among the frozen environment of Snøfall øyer to discover beautiful vistas, time trials and quests that permanently change the open world in Til Nord; a free snowmobile driving game for PC.

River of coin

River of Coin is a resource management and trading game.
Ascend the river of Coin and make sure to not go broke.
Trade and deal to become the wealthiest goblin in the Ancient Lands!



Project August is a Third-person 3D platformer where the player is challenged to traverse environments and hazards to collect items and skills which will help them reach the finish line on time.


Eight is a short horror experience inspired by Layers of Fear in which you can discover the history of a classic mansion and its previous inhabitants. You are a new homeowner, visiting their newly acquired property after work. Many renovations will have to take place, and your realtor has advised you to investigate different places that might need extra work. Soon after you arrive, you discover that there is more to this house than meets the eye…

Cat hunter demon slayer (Game Jam)

In this game, you play as Mr.Miauw and protect Catopia from the evil hell hounds. Enter BARK, the realm of dogs, to slay catopia’s foes. The war is never-ending.

Mana Caves: The Peaceful Reach

Lose yourself in the magical mana caves and lean back to relax after a day of conquering the world. In these rather cozy caves, you will feel at home and experience tranquility while you engage with the local communities.